Ilkiding’a is among the small villages that surround mount Meru and yet provide valuable cultural programmes in Tanzania.

Been a Maasai community based village, our guide Eliakimu guarantees you a lovely cultural programme on your visit.

The village is rich in varieties of different activities which includes the Maasai dance, black smith tour, agro-cultural tour, waterfalls among others.

Tanzania is renowned as the land of wonders and direct reflecting to Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Selous and Gombe.

Within the country we have more that 120 ethical tribes and each one speaks its mother tongue but yet united by Kiswahili language which is the national language.

Maasai are among the fewer tribes that are still practicing their ways of life, and taboos. Visiting in Tanzania has been popular with visiting the Maasai Boma and this is what Ilkiding’a Cultural Programme is after!

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